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Water chiller service of evaporator showing lagging removed and blue compressor

Water Chiller Service of Evaporator

Not often does a water chiller service of evaporator fault occur. The evaporator can freeze up and burst the tubes inside the shell. This fault involved the shell itself bursting. On close inspection- the shell was made out of thin steel- not the usual heavy rolled steel. It looked like the near end on the photo had sagged down, causing the evaporator shell to buckle.

Replacement of Evaporator

This option would be expensive due to the cost of the evaporator. It would be a difficult visit because of access issues. The builders decided to site the water chillers round the back of the building, this makes them very difficult to service. Our lift and shift guys would be needed to get the old chiller evaporator out and the new one in. There is a difficult corner to get round where the evaporator would have to be tilted up to get it round. Also, a fence wound have to be taken down around the chillers. Of course security is an issue but so is access to the chillers.

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Water Chiller Service of Evaporator with Silver Solder

Because of the above, it was decided by the customer that we would fix the leak using silver solder. The Risk Assessment Method Statement allowed for the job to be carried out with a half hour fire watch. The oxy-acetylene lines were leak tested prior to the job. Both leaks were soldered up but despite the evaporator being drained down, there was still water and steam trying to get out. Not the best water chiller service soldering resulted- but it held.

Water Chiller Service of Evaporator Paintwork

Because the chillers are outside, the paintwork is essential- poor paintwork will reduce it's life. After preparing the surface, specialist paint was applied so as to protect the evaporator for the future.

Lagging Service

The purpose of lagging is to reduce heat gain from the environment and provide protection from the elements. Therefore, the lagging was reinstated after the job.

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Chiller refurbishment company electronic components in electrical panel

Chiller Refurbishment Company

Choosing a chiller refurbishment company is cost effective because the main cost of a large chiller is mostly in the fixed plant. That is to say: the two main heat exchangers and the compressor. Therefore, this is the most environmentally friendly option as the carbon footprint of building new plant is very high. This is not mentioned when you purchase a new chiller. With chiller controls replacement, this kind of plant can last for 50 years. One of our competitors has been carrying this out to a chiller that dates back to the 1970s and is still in service!

Refurbishment of the Chiller Evaporator

Chiller refurbishment of broken tubes can be performed to beyond manufacturer's recommendations. Larger scale replacement of the tubes can be carried out giving the same lifespan of the original tubes. This is a major overhaul at a fraction of the cost of replacing the chiller.

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Refurbishment of the Chiller Compressor

We strip the chiller compressor down for refurbishment in our workshop. It is made from heavy castings so will last a very long time. We provide a 12 month warranty on all our chiller compressors. Read More about centrifugal compressor remanufacturing on our web page.

Refurbishing the Chiller Controls

Refurbishing the chiller controls can be carried out by fitting state of the art controls. The controls that come with the chiller are made 'in house' so they are often prone to spurious trip outs. These trip outs can cause a loss in production. A control panel, designed specifically for that chiller comes ready built. All you have to do, is wire in the various sensors and transducers. The run signal, compressor soft start, remote loading and monitoring can be easily integrated.

Chiller refurbishment Company: Maximus Chillers | National and Global.

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Air cooled chiller maintenance of two white chillers with green compressors

Air Cooled Chiller Maintenance

Air Cooled Chiller Maintenance Bodger Watch

We carry out air cooled chiller maintenance at an office building in the North West. Chiller maintenance is usually very good, but this is bodger watch! The customer told us that there had been this guy who used to come who spent most of his time in the canteen- reading manuals on his laptop! Not even the manuals for that site either! You couldn't make it up could you? What kind of a chiller maintenance schedule is that? They said he used to fix everyone's bathrooms in the evening to make up his pay! This is bodger watch!

Air Cooled Chiller Maintenance

One of our engineers rang the office from a site we look after the other week. He was struggling to carry out the maintenance- the antifreeze dosing. He was advised to use his testing instrument to assess the level in the water system. He came back with the result- too much antifreeze. The customer uses a non industrial antifreeze even though the site is heavy industrial. This is because the price is narrowing between industrial and non industrial antifreeze which is not toxic.

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On Site Maintenance Engineer

The customer adding antifreeze is the usual course- it means their onsite engineer can keep on top of things. This onsite engineer was a little too keen though: he had been putting too much in.

Antifreeze Removal

Our pump out team was sent to site with their tanker and equipment. Then, the correct level of antifreeze was then charged into the system.

Clear Site

Last but not least, our engineer gave the machine a wipe down and the chiller location a sweep- good house husbandry costs nothing.

For the efficient running of your plant- choose Maximus Chillers.

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Chiller service of fan decks showing 8 fans

Chiller Service of Fan Decks

Chiller Service of Fan Decks Bodger Watch

Chiller service of fan decks is usually very good, but this is bodger watch! A new customer of ours was telling us about this little guy that used to come to carry out chiller service of fan decks. He was reported to have been running around like the apprentice- ringing everybody up! Then when help came, it came in the form of this huge big man who proceeded to get stuck in the chiller! You couldn't make it up! This is bodger watch! The customer asked for a professional service from Maximus Chillers.

Repeated Leaks on Condenser

Our engineer found the head pressure control was bringing the fans thumping on and off forwards and backwards. During a visit, the fans were found to be rattling the frame and juddering the chiller into leaks.

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Learning How to Think

Instead of just swapping like for like parts. Our engineers have the capability to think outside the box and make changes to chiller design. All of our engineers attend the Maximus School of Chillers at Head Office in Droylsden, Manchester. Read More on the Chiller Company page.

Fan Speed Controller

On a return visit, we fitted off the shelf fan speed controllers from our stores- one for each system. These fan speed controllers are stand alone- they do not need to be integrated into the existing controls. When the pressure builds up- the fan speed controller speeds the fans up from the minimum (cut in) to the maximum (same volts as the incoming supply)

Chiller Service of Fan Decks Seamless Operation

Now the fan speed controllers are fitted- there are no more leaks. Any chiller can be made to settle down into seamless operation.

Are you a factory manager or facilities manager with recurring leaks on your chillers? Look no further than Maximus Chillers.

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