Industrial Refrigeration Service

Industrial Refrigeration Service of the Refrigerant

Industrial Refrigeration Service

We recently carried out an industrial refrigeration service to a plant due to a refrigerant leak. The customer had reported that the ammonia leak alarm had gone off and the plant had shut down. When he went to investigate, a strong smell of ammonia was coming from the compound

Industrial refrigeration service

The Leak

We arrived on site promptly, well within our usual call out time. On assessing the situation, our engineers decided to ‘don’ breathing apparatus BA and full length ammonia grade personal protection equipment PPE. The leak was easy to find as anhydrous ammonia was still coming from a 1/4” pipe fitting on an oil return eductor. It had worked loose due to the vibration of the plant. He ‘nipped’ it back up with his adjustable spanner and the leak stopped. After the dispersal period for the leaked ammonia, a trace leak test was carried out to the fitting and the decision was made to ‘doff’ the BA and PPE

Testing the Plant

There was found to be no subcooling in the low pressure receiver, high superheat and the compressor was being held back from loading up. The various sight glasses were showing poor running conditions too. Refrigerant shortage

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Fast Same Day Delivery

The end user was worried that should the other plant need service, he would loose his production. We arranged our fast, same day delivery service of 4x 56 kg ammonia cylinders that arrived in a couple of hours

Industrial Refrigeration Service of Ammonia

Servicing the industrial refrigeration ammonia charge was straight forward. The system has a service port on the header tank. While the system is running, the header tank pressure is considerably lower than the cylinder. Our cylinders come with a dip tube, so liquid is easily sucked into the plant. When the low pressure receiver subcooling came down to nominal readings along with the sight glass readings, we were happy that the plant was back in service

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