Process Chiller Maintenance Visit

Process chiller maintenance visit showing refrigerant gauge lines fitted to a grey chiller

Process Chiller Maintenance Visit

Maximus Chillers recently carried out a maintenance visit to an Italian process chiller.

Process Chiller Maintenance Visit for Water Level Sensor

The process chiller has a water treatment schedule, but on this visit, the water level sensor needed maintenance. This is because the three probes of the sensor were not completing continuity. The probes complete the continuity from the wire going into the sensor, along the probe, then to another wire completing continuity back to the controls of the chiller.

Low Water Probe

If the controls loose continuity to the low water probe, the alarm is triggered and a call out is arranged to resolve the issue.

Correct Level Probe

In normal operation, the correct level probe is activated and the chiller runs as normal.

High Water Level Probe

Should the high water level probe be activated, again the alarm is triggered and a call out arranged.

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Maintenance Visit to the Process Chiller

As we were already on site to carry out the maintenance, there was no need to arrange a call out. We soaked the sensor for an hour in a special a decontamination chemical that has been designed to restore the probes. That done, the rest of the maintenance was carried out including the tightening of the wiring and motor connectors. It was possible to do this on this visit as the factory was not in production.

Run Testing

All readings around the chiller were taken when the factory went back into production. We found the fridge system to be working with optimum efficiency, meaning that the chiller will use the optimum amount of electricity. Efficiency is a great concern to a factory as they want to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible.

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Mirror looking for leak during chilled water system EEV service

Chilled Water System EEV Service

Chilled water system EEV service was being carried out because the mechanical parts had failed. This particular valve is prone to this fault. It is an OEM part so our technician found the voltage for the motor and found a similar part with the same amount of steps.

Chilled Water System EEV Service

The EEV driver was found to be functioning satisfactorily during the chilled water system service. Sometimes, depending on how the mechanical part of the EEV has failed, the driver can be overloaded and burned out.

Electronic Component Refurbishment

Where electronic parts, such as the EEV driver, are found to be burned out- Maximus Chillers has a refurbishment laboratory at head office. We have the capability to strip down the component and fault find where it has blown. Usually it is quite simple: the jammed mechanical part of the electronic expansion valve has burned out the power control on the driver for example. More complex fault finding and component replacement on the circuit board can be carried out also. Another option is to replace the driver with a like for like swap or retrofit to a different driver.

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Pump Down for Chilled Water System EEV Service

The chiller was pumped down and valved off. This saves on the time and recovery vessel to pump the refrigerant out.

Remove and Replace

Once pumped down, our engineer removed and replaced the valve, sealing it on it's knife edge seal. The wire was passed up the conduit and into the panel. The wiring colour scheme was different on the new valve, so some time was taken to ensure it was wired up correctly.

Open it up and Switch it on

After leak testing, the refrigerant system valves were opened back up and the plant switched back on. The correct superheat and subcooling valued were achieved concluding a successful chilled water system service visit.

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