Air Cooled Chiller Maintenance

Air cooled chiller maintenance of two white chillers with green compressors

Air Cooled Chiller Maintenance

Air Cooled Chiller Maintenance Bodger Watch

We carry out air cooled chiller maintenance at an office building in the North West. Chiller maintenance is usually very good, but this is bodger watch! The customer told us that there had been this guy who used to come who spent most of his time in the canteen- reading manuals on his laptop! Not even the manuals for that site either! You couldn't make it up could you? What kind of a chiller maintenance schedule is that? They said he used to fix everyone's bathrooms in the evening to make up his pay! This is bodger watch!

Air Cooled Chiller Antifreeze Maintenance

One of our engineers rang the office from a site we look after the other week. He was struggling to carry out the maintenance- the antifreeze dosing. He was advised to use his testing instrument to assess the level in the water system. He came back with the result- too much antifreeze. The customer uses a non industrial antifreeze even though the site is heavy industrial. This is because the price is narrowing between industrial and non industrial antifreeze which is not toxic.

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On Site Maintenance Engineer

The customer adding antifreeze is the usual course- it means their onsite engineer can keep on top of things. This onsite engineer was a little too keen though: he had been putting too much in.

Antifreeze Removal

Our pump out team was sent to site with their tanker and equipment. Then, the correct level of antifreeze was then charged into the system.

Clear Site

Last but not least, our engineer gave the machine a wipe down and the chiller location a sweep- good house husbandry costs nothing.

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