Industrial Chiller Maintenance

An engineer filling blue oil drums during industrial chiller maintenance

Industrial Chiller Maintenance

Industrial Chiller Oil Maintenance

On a recent Major maintenance visit to an industrial chiller, the scheduled oil change was carried out. The required oil being selected by our oil analysis process to the correct viscosity for a Grasso screw compressor operating at a 1° saturation.

Oil Drain Out

The oil separator and oil system was valved off from the rest of the system. The standing pressure of the vapour in the vessel was 5.8 bar. On the far end of the oil cooler is located an oil drain port, this is because it is the lowest part of the system. Using hoses and a valve, the oil was drained into empty oil drums.

Oil Pump In

Our engineer removed the old oil for recycling, then lifted the new oil to the work location. He used his portable oil pump to pump back in 4 drums of oil using the same port from which the oil was drained. This is so that the oil cooler, on the other side of a heat activated three way valve, was primed. The oil came to the correct level on the oil sight glasses and the vapour was bled from the oil filter so that the compressor was primed with oil. When the system starts, the discharge pressure in the oil separator pushes the oil into the suction of the screw.

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Slide Valve Oil Pump

To operate the slide valve, a gear type oil pump is bolted to the casting next to the shaft. This raises the oil pressure to 5 bar above discharge. The oil is pumped through channels in the casting to operate the slide valve. A spring is fitted to the slide valve to return it to 0% when the plant shuts down.

Industrial Chiller Maintenance Monitoring

The oil heater was switched on until the oil was 46°. The chiller was then started and run tested. The Delta P across the oil filter was found to be nominal at 0.5 bar. The oil level remained at the correct level as the three way valve opened to the oil cooler. The oil cooler, in turn being cooled by a cooling loop which uses some of the tubes on the air cooled condenser.

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