Industrial Process Chiller Maintenance

Industrial Process Chiller Maintenance

Industrial Process Chiller Maintenance

Maximus Chillers recently carried out maintenance to an Italian industrial process chiller

Maintenance of the Water Level Sensor for the Industrial Process Chiller

The industrial process chiller has a water treatment schedule, but on this visit, the water level sensor needed maintenance. This is because the three prongs of the sensor were not completing continuity. The prongs complete the continuity from the wire going into the sensor, along the prong, then to another wire completing continuity back to the controls of the chiller

Low Water Prong

If the controls loose continuity to the low water prong, the alarm is triggered and a call out is arranged to resolve the issue

Correct Level Prong

In normal operation, the correct level prong is activated and the chiller runs as normal

High Water Level Prong

Should the high water level prong be activated, again the alarm is triggered and a call out arranged

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Maintenance Visit to the Industrial Process Chiller

As we were already on site to carry out the maintenance, there was no need to arrange a call out. We soaked the sensor for an hour in a special a decontamination chemical that has been designed to restore the prongs. That done, the rest of the maintenance was carried out including the tightening of the wiring and motor connectors. It was possible to do this on this visit as the factory was not in production

Run Testing

All readings around the chiller were taken when the factory went back into production. We found the fridge system to be working with optimum efficiency, meaning that the chiller will use the optimum amount of electricity. Efficiency is a great concern to a factory as they want to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible

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