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Lancashire County Cricket Club Logo in Testimonials

"We are impressed by Maximus Chillers having the technical ability expected from a chiller manufacturer- with less hassle! For us they are win- win"
Nathan Mellor
Technical Manager
Lancashire County Cricket Club

Maximus Chillers: 0161 237 3727

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Impressive First Experience
"More than happy to review Maximus Chillers in your Testimonials. First time to use them but was very impressed with your engineer’s expertise, work ethic and reliability. Looking forward to future co-operation"
Senior Facilities Manager
Andy Newlands

Maximus Chillers: 0161 237 3727

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"Thanks from all the team here at Techmarkets for the great work you have done! We have been having problems with the chillers for some time now. Your engineer sorted it all out with a few inexpensive parts. He was very friendly and really knew what he was doing! Send him again please!"
Brian Hammond

Maximus Chillers: 0161 237 3727 

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"Maximus Chillers spend a lot more time on site than the last company. They usually send the same engineer and he is very knowledgeable"

Maximus Chillers: 0161 237 3727

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"Maximus Chillers are really easy to deal with. They act promptly to all our concerns"

Maximus Chillers: 0161 237 3727

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"No problem to provide a review in testimonials because they provide a really great service. They get us up and running with the minimum downtime"
Peter Bowdler
Chief Engineer

Maximus Chillers: 0161 237 3727

Any Chiller- Any Problem- Any Part- Any Refrigerant- Anywhere- The MAXIMUS ADVANTAGE™

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"Our chillers had unreliable controls. It was difficult to diagnose intermittent faults as the chillers only had a common alarm. Once the fault went away, there was nothing for their engineer to look for. He fitted a simple controller and simplified the plant. Now the lead chiller runs all the time with the lag only coming on when we turn more equipment on. Maximus Chillers are a really good company to deal with"

Maximus Chillers: 0161 237 3727

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"Really happy with the attention to detail and knowledgeable engineers- I'll put that in their testimonials!"

Maximus Chillers: 0161 237 3727

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"The Maximus Chillers engineer is very professional and hard working. He will do his very best to get you up and running as soon as he can. He is very helpful and will work with you. I would recommend him to anyone"
Paul Seddon
Maintenance Manager

Maximus Chillers: 0161 237 3727

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"We had a problem with a reoccurring leak on the condenser of our chiller. It would be okay under testing with pressure but would leak again later. Their engineer recommended fitting a new condenser. The problem went away. That is the service we need- to resolve our problems for good"
Martin Hallsworth
Manufacturing System & Facilities Engineer

Maximus Chillers: 0161 237 3727

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“Thanks again for attending at short notice and for the speedy quotes!”
Stuart Waterworth

Maximus Chillers: 0161 237 3727

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"Thanks for your detailed report!"
James Smith
Property Manager

Maximus Chillers: 0161 237 3727

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