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Glycol Chiller Service
Glycol Chiller Service

Glycol Chiller Service, Maintenance and Repair

Maximus Chillers are a glycol chiller service and maintenance company that carries out fast and effective repairs. The pictures are of low temperature glycol chillers


Glycol is used in chillers as an anti-freeze where applications have a below (or near) zero temperature. Propylene is non-toxic and food safe. Prices are narrowing between propylene and ethylene, so customers are choosing it more often. Ethylene is toxic so it cannot be used in conjunction with food production. It tends to be used in dirty and very industrial applications. Brine is often used in the industry, usually for larger and colder applications

Glycol Chiller Maintenance

One of the things we check during a glycol chiller maintenance visit is the glycol level. To do this we use an instrument to see the freezing point of the water/ glycol solution. See Case Study below

Too Much Glycol

Water is used as a secondary refrigerant not because it is abundantly available on earth, but because it has very good thermodynamic properties. Water is very good at absorbing and rejecting heat. The only flaw is that water freezes at zero degrees. Glycol does not have good thermodynamic properties. Therefore, too much glycol reduces the capacity of the system. A call out can occur when the end user reports that the chillers are not doing anything. Sometimes, it can be nearly all glycol if the maintenance engineer keeps putting it in. It can be like syrup coming back into the tank. The fix is to drain it down and keep it for future use, then add water to the correct dose for the application

Why Choose Us for Glycol Chillers?

When you are having a problem- our engineers are in their element with glycol chillers- they deal with problems all week! We will identify the fault correctly- so the repair goes easy

Any Chiller- Any Problem- Any Part- Any Refrigerant- Anywhere-Maximus Chillers

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What We Offer for Glycol Chillers

Glycol Chiller Repair

UK and overseas coverage

Same day delivery of parts direct to site

Dedicated glycol chiller maintenance engineers: we understand the water system as well as the fridge system

Glycol Chiller Service

Have you had your machine looked at recently? Chillers lose efficiency over time. We offer a reasonably priced glycol chiller service visit to sort out your problems!

Case Study of Glycol Chillers

A large -10 glycol chiller was having Low Pressure problems. After it had been off for a while it ran okay. Then 5 minutes into the run, however, the low pressure would start dropping off at an increasing rate until a LP trip occurred. The previous company had fitted an expansion valve and pressure tested the system. The on site engineer said the glycol was okay "let me check with my instrument" our engineer said. As he thought- it was low on glycol. The symptoms were of the water/ glycol solution 'slushing-up' as it turns into ice. A chiller repair was arranged

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