Chiller Maintenance

Expert Chiller Maintenance

With our team of expert chiller maintenance engineers and state of the art equipment- Maximus Chillers completes the picture.

Any Chiller- Any Problem- Any Part- Any Refrigerant- Anywhere- The MAXIMUS ADVANTAGE™

We know that poorly looked after chillers cost more in electricity to run. In the age of environmental concerns and energy efficiency- keeping your plant in the best condition makes a real difference.

We provide full over the phone support, so that in between visits we can help keep your plant running as it should. We send out technical bulletins in PDF form, so our customers can read about the latest measures in maintaining their plant. We provide onsite training to your staff, so they can resolve some of the issues themselves without the added cost of a call out.

Our reputation precedes us: smart, knowledgeable engineers attend site and provide a service that is second to none.

A lot of issues can be resolved, just as a result of the capability of our engineers. We make system adjustments to improve on reliability and efficiency. Each engineer has a full complement of commonly used parts and materials in their car. We don't put all materials through the books- it's all the part of the job.

Weather you have an office building, facility, or a factory you can feel safe in the knowledge that Maximus Chillers will provide the best service available. Read more in our testimonials about what our customers think of us.

All of our engineers are in their comfort zone when working on your chillers. We are seasoned in optimizing efficiency and prolonging the life of your plant.

Maximus is Latin for the highest and the greatest, so we provide nothing less than the highest and the greatest customer support and technical capability.

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Chiller Maintenance Faults

Chiller struggling to achieve set point? Showing error messages? Maximus Chillers can help! Our engineers carry an extensive range of commonly used parts. Our fast supply chain offers same day delivery of most specialist parts and materials.

Refrigerant Charge

Achieve optimum operational performance and energy efficiency with regular maintenance from our highly trained engineers. System pressures & temperatures will be taken to work out Superheat and Subcooling.

Chiller Maintenance Tick Sheet

Our technician will complete a detailed tick sheet on each visit. If any issues are identified, a complete controls, component and refrigerant diagnosis will be carried out.

Money jar spilling coins on to a table showing how much money chiller maintenance saves
Our maintenance saves money!

Specialist Chiller Maintenance

Maximus Chillers offer specialist chiller maintenance- national and global.

Our visits will save you money. With regular planned, preventative maintenance PPM, our engineers will get your plant running better than when it came out of the factory!

Asset List

Starting with the asset list (usually provided by the end user) we put together a schedule. This details the work we will carry out and how often.

Live Electrical Testing during Chiller Maintenance

We are trained and certificated in live electrical testing end electrical fault finding. Risk assessment method statement is used to control the risks. Rubber mats below panel are used as well as non conducting boots.

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Multimeter in control panel with red and black probes
Live electrical testing

Why Choose Us for Chiller Maintenance?

We are Second to None

In a nutshell: we believe we provide the best chiller maintenance available. So thinks Nathan Mellor, Technical Manager at Lancashire County Cricket Club: "We are impressed by Maximus Chillers having the technical ability expected from a chiller manufacturer- with less cost! For us they are win- win!" Have a look in our testimonials

Test Equipment

To carry out an effective visit, it is vital to have test equipment reading correctly. Fluke multimeters, insulation testers, digital thermometers with various types of thermocouples are provided to our engineers. Calibrated HFC refrigerant gauges are also provided. NH3 personal alarms are carried when working with ammonia. Wrong readings lead to confusion and misdiagnosis.

An Engineer Round the Corner

With a network of engineers around the UK, one of our engineers is not far away. If the engineer who lives nearby is unavailable, we have nationwide relief engineers to fill in the gaps. Two of our engineers attend our overseas customers too. We are also deep level vetted and Security Cleared for sensitive Government sites.

Chiller maintenance outside in chiller compound
Run testing and oil analysis

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Case Study of Chiller Maintenance

We currently provide a maintenance package, 3 visits a year on 4 air cooled chillers at a secure site. Our customer signed up to the 3 year contract as soon as the projects company had completed. They were eager to get us on board from the start as our reputation precedes us in the industry: to extend the life of chillers. He was pleased with our smart, helpful engineer who went through the usual teething and adjustments of commissioning. These Included:

Tightening the Wiring

The commissioning is the most important day of the chiller's life. Tightening the wiring today will ensure an easier time in the future.


Air trapped in the water system was causing issues to the plant. We identified where the problem was occurring and made component adjustments to ensure the problem went away.


These can become blocked on first start up as debris from the project is carried round to the strainer. We found a spanner, but they were otherwise clean.


The evaporator was adjusted to give the correct pressure. We then worked out the COP (coefficient of performance) to be 4.2 a good read back.

100% Load

Our engineer then built up some load and ran the chillers in anger for half an hour. The superheat and subcooling values were within operating limits with a clear sight glass. The oil return and compressor temperatures were good.

For repairs to chillers choose Maximus Chillers.

Visit our chiller service page to learn more.

Chiller Maintenance Contract

Maximus Chillers has recently won the maintenance contract for a customer in the Midlands. These were the complaints from the customer:

Fault Resets

Where no fault is present- the machine still needed to be reset. The chiller otherwise worked efficiently. When this situation occurs, it is due to the parameters in the program being too near the trip out. The parameters were adjusted. Also, some system issues needed to be resolved. Let's keep this simple: the plant is a cooling system and with regular maintenance- it can be made to settle down and run seamlessly.

Too Many Parts Needed

As above: we simplified the machine, so it does not to need so many parts. It is only used as a cooling system after all- so long as it cools efficiently- everyone is happy!

European Quality Overseas

Maximus Chillers is a sought after company in the field of chiller maintenance around the world because the world knows that the UK means quality in engineering. Europe has a long history in this industry. The knowledge of which is invested in our engineers. We have international customers in the USA, Moscow and the Middle East.

International Shipping

We have supplies sent out to site prior to the visit, there are tools and equipment available on site too. This means less to ship for the maintenance. The suppliers are not round the corner while on site, so each job is meticulously planned. All the smaller things like fittings and sealants are taken with us to ensure the job goes smoothly.

Global Technical Support Desk

Our customers enjoy the full support of our Technical Support Desk. They allow for the time difference to decide the best time for a phone call. Emails are answered real time or when the office opens in the morning. Technical information such as user manuals can be sent out as a PDF allowing the customer to understand the front end user screens.

Maintenance Upgrade

No job is too big for Maximus Chillers. We upgrade your existing plant with bespoke, state of the art controls and components. This optimises energy efficiency and reduces downtime. We can arrange for the works to be carried out during factory shutdown for minimum disruption. Most customers, however, have redundant systems- so works can be carried out with no disruption at all.

Future Proofing

Refrigerant upgrade will give you a long and cost effective future for your plant. All the money required to buy new plant can be used more effectively in the running of your business.

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