Chiller Retrofitting

Chiller retrofitting of a bespoke ‘v’ type condenser being lifted into place with a forklift truck
A new condenser has increased the lifespan of the chiller by at least 5 years

Chiller Retrofitting

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Chiller retrofitting is a prudent choice as the cost of a new chiller is expensive, not to mention the installation costs. This money can be spent on driving your business to the next level. We at Maximus Chillers are adept at retrofitting any part to your chiller. We will retrofit your chiller to the same efficiency as new plant

Chiller Condenser Retrofitting

Any size and thickness of condenser can be built to your bespoke specifications. Standard and micro channel condensers are made to measure then delivered to site

Chiller Evaporator Retrofitting

Shell and tube evaporators and plate heat exchangers are selected and matched to the exact approach and superheat specifications of the existing plant

Metering Device

All manuals are available to our highly trained engineers for the selection of expansion valves and ammonia float valves


Solenoid valves, fans, flow switches, oil heaters, compressors etc. are available often same day

Low GWP Refrigerant

Alternative Refrigerants are available to drop in to your existing plant. Our engineers can adjust the subcooling and superheat values to keep your plant running seamlessly as before

Chiller Controls Retrofitting

In our controls laboratory, controllers and PCB’s are repaired or the software downloaded into a new controller: visit chiller upgrade to read more. We also have the capability to fit new, state of the art, inexpensive controllers with all the associated sensors, transducers and relay boards to any machine

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What We Offer

Chiller retrofitting provides massive cost savings on the purchase of new plant

No installation costs

Seamless operation of your existing plant through exact match chiller retrofitting

Same efficiency as a new chiller by fitting variable speed drives and the use of low GWP refrigerants

No CO2 emissions in the construction of new chillers. This amount is never included in the efficiency figures of a new chiller

Case Study

We manufactured the ‘v’ condenser in the picture. Our engineers attended site to take measurements and photos, these were then returned to our factory. The exact design specifications of subcooling and air flow rate being worked out by their computer software. This was to ensure that the new condenser had the same performance characteristics as the old one

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