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The Service, Maintenance and Repair of Air Cooled Chillers

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Three system screw chiller

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UK Climate

Maximus Chillers is a specialist for air cooled chillers- national and global.

These chillers are particularly popular in the temperate UK climate and are easy to maintain. They get used in hot climates too, as the cooling fans will still condense the refrigerant into a liquid. In warmer climates they are less efficient as the pressures and temperatures are higher, requiring more electricity and lowering the coefficient of performance (COP) In the UK, because of the lower ambient, they are very effective in subcooling the refrigerant to below the saturation point.

Air Cooled Chiller Condenser Coils

Condenser coils need to be brushed and chemically cleaned during the maintenance. This is because the sucking action of the fans, draws dust up on to the air cooled coil. Expansion related leaks can occur on the condenser. The industry is using micro channel condensers on some chillers. Depending on the quality- they can leak and cannot be repaired.

What We Offer for Air Cooled Chillers

Quality Repairs

Keeping your plant in seamless operation through quality repairs. Our service schedules will extend the life of your plant for years. Even when parts are no longer available, we can select different parts and make them fit

State of the Art Equipment

We know that repairs go easily and quickly with the right equipment. No expense is spared at Maximus Chillers. Each engineer carries a 10 cfm vacuum pump and a high capacity pump out unit. Our gauges and scales are annually calibrated at a test facility in the North West. They are also replaced when necessary.

Next Steps...

Whatever the issue, we will resolve it- that is what we are good at! Give head office a bell on 0161 237 3727 to discuss your requirements.

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Email us at Send us some photos of the chiller you are enquiring about. A picture of the data plate will give us the kind of refrigerant and how many systems. A picture of the chiller will familiarise us with the chiller itself. Tell us about the application too. All this info will assist us in putting together a package for your needs.

Why Choose Us for Air Cooled Chillers?

A great service with engineers that are second to none. We bend over backwards for our customers as you are important to us. Tying ourselves up in red tape? Not Maximus Chillers- we just get the job done. Your air cooled chillers will run with the least amount of hassle.

Any Chiller- Any Problem- Any Part- Any Refrigerant- Anywhere- The MAXIMUS ADVANTAGE™

Case Study of Air Cooled Chillers

One of our customers has a chiller similar to the one in the picture. He was having repeated leaks on the discharge pipes. When we took over the job, our plan was to fit vertical and horizontal anacondas. I don't know who first coined that expression- but it stuck! These are vibration eliminators that prevent vibration related leaks.

Push Pull Refrigerant Decant

We fitted a refrigerant hose to the bottom of the evaporator, where the liquid phase of the refrigerant had migrated due to the low temperature. This was because the water temperature was lower than the ambient temperature of the condenser. Our engineer set up the refrigerant pump, pump out unit, recovery cylinders and refrigerant hose back onto a part of the system where the refrigerant is in its vapour phase. He recovered nearly the full charge of the 70kg system into 2 recovery vessels suitable for the refrigerant R407c.

Chiller Pipework

The chiller pipework was 3”1/8 suction and 2”1/8 discharge. He took out a piece the same length as the vibration eliminators. The pipework was degreased using our specialist solvent. The dirt and corrosion to the exterior of the pipework was removed with an abrasive disk, emery cloth then finally with a wire brush. An evaporative cleaning solvent was applied to the pipework. This was so that the pipework was restored ‘like new’ and ready for the brazing process.

Brazing Process

The 2 vibration eliminators were fit tested into position. Although they were straight out of the packet, they were still cleaned with our solvent. The mating surfaces were now ready to be brazed. The vibration eliminators were cooled during brazing as per the instructions that come in the box. Each braze was completed with an above 700°C temperature to ensure correct conditions for the molten solder and the copper pipework.

System Integrity

Our engineer then set up the pressure testing equipment with steel braided hose and ¼ turn valve. First, he looked for leaks- building up the pressure in stages to the final test pressure. The initial pressure test value was recorded on our Pressure Test Certificate. As a customer service measure, this was witnessed by the end user. At the end of the pressure test, the customer and our engineer witnessed the result- it was a pass.

Vibration Analysis

Using test equipment, we monitored the vibration at the start and at the end of the eliminators. We noticed a satisfactory vibration reading at the end. There have been no problems since- another happy customer!

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