Centrifugal Compressor Remanufacturing

Centrifugal compressor rebuild of grey compressor in plant room
Onsite or in workshop centrifugal compressor stripdown

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Centrifugal compressor remanufacturing showing inside the compressor
Internal parts removed for inspection

Centrifugal Refrigerant Compressor Service

12 month warranty on all of our remanufactured centrifugal refrigerant compressor services. We arrange the lift and shift, then repair and rebuild your refrigerant compressor in our workshop or:

Strip Down the Centrifugal Chiller Compressor Onsite

During the strip down, all the centrifugal chiller compressor parts are laid out on cardboard and pallets. These are arranged in a line on the workshop floor in the sequence that they were removed. The bolts are immersed in oil


All parts are inspected for wear and tear and a list of required replacement parts is written


When the parts come in, we re-build the compressor using new chiller industry gaskets and ‘o’ rings

Centrifugal Chiller Compressor Bearing Overhaul

The clearance of the centrifugal chiller compressor bearing is checked with a gauge and the bearing is adjusted where necessary. Not enough oil lubrication will reduce its life

The ‘Run-out’ of the Shaft

We check this with our instrument. If the shaft is not spinning true, this will also reduce the life of the bearing

Torque Settings

The rebuild is the reverse of the strip-down- all screws are tightened to the correct torque with a torque wrench. The compressor is then pressure tested and dehydrated with a vacuum pump

Oil Level

The centrifugal refrigerant compressor is maintained by pumping in the correct amount of oil according to the technical bulletin for the compressor

Centrifugal HVAC Compressor Casting Maintenance

Last but not least the centrifugal HVAC compressor (a term often used in America) is sanded down and repainted

Any Chiller- Any Problem- Any Part- Any Refrigerant- Anywhere- The MAXIMUS ADVANTAGE™

Case Study of Centrifugal Compressor Strip Down

On an oil rig, we recently carried out a strip down of a centrifugal chiller compressor used for the liquefaction of hydrocarbons. The oil had previously been analysed and confirmed worn bearings. Also, the bearings were at the run hours to be changed. We shipped all the necessary equipment to the rig prior to the commencement of the job. The on site stores were impressive as they keep a full stock of supplies 

Green rebuilt multi stage compressor in storage area
Multi stage compressor after overhaul ready for shipping
Centrifugal compressor reconditioning with impellers being lifted out
Shaft straightening service

Multi Stage Centrifugal Refrigerant Compressor Remanufacturing

The refrigerant was HFC so we followed the procedure for breaking in, then started the remanufacturing. We lifted the lid off, then the centrifugal refrigerant compressor was stripped down (teardown in America) and inspected. The re-assembly began by fitting the bearings- with a rub with molybdenum disulfide, or moly as known by engineers. After the compressor was rebuilt- it was carefully run tested and re-inspected then it went into seamless operation

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Why Choose Us for Centrifugal Compressor Repair?

Finding a good company for centrifugal compressor repair is difficult. Maximus Chillers offer the highest level of centrifugal compressor remanufacturing. We also offer centrifugal compressor service and maintenance 

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Professionally remanufactured compressors to beyond manufacturer's recommendations with a 12 month warranty

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