Ammonia Refrigerant Transfer

Outside located, insulated refrigerant liquid receiver and Baltimore Air Coil condenser
Low pressure liquid receiver and BAC evaporative condenser

Ammonia Refrigerant Transfer

We can arrange the transfer of any amount of anhydrous ammonia refrigerant during service repairs. We have all the necessary ancillaries to handle the refrigerant from the plant to the recovery vessels. The picture shows a low pressure liquid receiver containing 2 tonnes of anhydrous ammonia. The system can be pumped down and valved off. After the liquid is removed, the vapour can be pumped out until the refrigeration system reaches atmospheric pressure and temperature.

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Ammonia Refrigerant Disposal

We dispose of anhydrous ammonia refrigerant from industrial refrigeration systems during decommissioning. We dispose of any amount of anhydrous ammonia at our hazardous waste recycling facility. Our services are available nationwide and around the world. The picture is of a Grasso skid. During the disposal of ammonia refrigerant, the compressor can be used to pump down the plant to the low pressure liquid receiver.

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Ammonia refrigerant recovery to a grey Grasso screw compressor in a red tiled plant room
Ammonia refrigerant pump down
Ammonia refrigerant recovery unit showing compressor, control panel and condenser in a frame
High capacity pump out unit

The Recovery of Ammonia Refrigerant

We are a company mainly requested to recover ammonia refrigerant from vapour compression systems used in factories. These systems can contain tonnes of anhydrous ammonia. We have high capacity refrigerant recovery units and refrigerant liquid pumps to get the ammonia out- fast! Because ammonia refrigerant is highly corrosive and toxic, only the best, well equipped and well trained engineers will do. Maximus Chillers has a training facility at head office where our engineers are put through a rigorous training schedule. On site, a site specific Risk Assessment Method Statement is prepared which the engineer and customer adhere to. All of this makes the job go right as planned- causing you the minimum of disruption.

Ammonia Refrigerant Disposal in Absorption Chillers

We are also requested to dispose of ammonia refrigerant from gas and steam fired absorbers. As the ammonia is partly dissolved in water, the solution has to be disposed of correctly as it is harmful to marine life.


For this kind of service, we are on account with a national hazardous waste disposal facility. We can arrange a service visit, remove the ammonia refrigerant solution from the system and have it collected.


Quite often a repair can be carried out by handling the solution into a vessel, repairing an internal component failure then recharging the system with the correct mix if ammonia refrigerant and water. This saves the cost of buying new plant.

Green absorption chiller with black lagging for the cold parts of the system
Ammonia and lithium bromide handling

Why Choose Us for Ammonia?

Nothing is too much trouble for us to provide you with the service you need. Risk Assessment Method Statements, COSHH and MSDS are sent in as required. Insurance Schedules can also be sent in. We offer the highest level of service and professionalism- second to none.

Any Chiller- Any Problem- Any Part- Any Refrigerant- Anywhere- The MAXIMUS ADVANTAGE™

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What We Offer for Ammonia

Nationwide and global coverage. No job is too far away- from Moscow to the United States- Maximus Chillers.

State of the art equipment. Bespoke manufactured NH3 pump out unit.

Years of industrial refrigeration experience.

Professional service.

Case Study of Ammonia Refrigerant Transfer

We transferred ammonia refrigerant for a customer of ours in the Midlands as they were relocating their factory. They asked us to come in and decommission an ammonia plant with 600kg of refrigerant. We set up our refrigerant recovery equipment and recovered the ammonia into 430kg vessels. The disposal of the refrigerant was arranged at our hazardous waste recycling facility.

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