Ammonia Refrigeration

Ammonia Refrigeration Repair
Ammonia Refrigeration Repair

Large Bespoke Ammonia Refrigeration Repair

We repair large bespoke ammonia refrigeration systems often on food production sites, or for an industrial process

Maximus Chillers are a company who specialise in industrial refrigeration

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Ammonia Compressors

The compressors are on skids in the machine room and can be valved off individually when they have failed. This means the remaining compressors can carry on supplying discharge gas to the condensers. The repair of compressors is carried out in our workshop, or if it is a large compressor, on site- read more about compressor remanufacturing

Evaporative Condensers

A popular kind of condenser is the evaporative condenser in a Baltimore Aircoil cooling tower. After condensing, the liquid ammonia goes to liquid receivers before being supplied to the process

Machine Room

This kind of application can have tonnes of anhydrous ammonia in the system, so the regulations require the plant to be contained in the machine room with no unauthorised access to personnel. A wind sock is used to determine wind direction and in the case of a leak, ammonia refuges are sited at strategic positions around the site

Ammonia Refrigeration Maintenance

Mass Flow Rate

Due to the higher mass flow rate of the refrigerant, larger ammonia systems have float valves to achieve refrigerant expansion. A thermostatic expansion valve of the same size would be prone to wire drawing and premature failure

On-going Maintenance

The on-going maintenance ensures the required amount of cooling at a given temperature is achieved. Your process relies on this. Weather that be food production or an industrial process: we will keep you in seamless operation at all times

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What We Offer for Ammonia Refrigeration

Maximus Chillers offers weekend repairs of your ammonia refrigeration plant during factory shut down

Case Study of Ammonia Refrigeration

We look after a food production site in Scotland where the machine is a 200kg of ammonia refrigeration plant. We carry out once per month maintenance visits to keep on top of issues starting to occur. This means less breakdowns and more longevity in the machine

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