R134a Chilling Plant Maintenance

R134a chilling plant maintenance showing screw compressor and oil separator with tick sheet and digital thermometer on top

R134a Chilling Plant Maintenance

We recently carried out R134a chilling plant maintenance at our customer’s factory in the North West. The chiller is 600kw with 2 single compressor systems. It has an ‘in house’ controller on it with occasional spurious trip outs. We are working with the problem so far, but an option if the problem persists is to fit a reliable, cheap, off the shelf controller. The factory requires a process water temperature of 6°C. The plant is around the middle of the lifespan and has been properly maintained.

Unlock Controller during R134a Chilling Plant Maintenance

The customer had accidentally locked the controller by pressing the wrong buttons. The machine still functioned as it should, but the customer was unable to modify User settings or look at the readings. Our engineers carry a book with an extensive list of information for any controller which has been built up over time. The procedure was followed to unlock the controller, then the settings were checked.

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R134a Chilling Plant Sensor Maintenance

The sensors can be offset to compensate for a sensor reading out slightly. No offsets were saved and the sensors all read to within a degree or two of our digital thermometer. Our engineer then checked the sensor locations to ensure they were fitted correctly and insulation had not deteriorated.

Fan speed Controllers and Subcooling

During the R134a chilling plant maintenance, particular attention was paid to the fan speed controllers and the subcooling of the refrigerant. This is because of occasional spurious high pressure trips. All the wiring was tightened and the plugged connections were checked and tested. The controller sends a variable run signal to the fan speed controllers. This is worked out from the analogue input signal from the high pressure transducer. If the problem persists, we will have to look into fitting more reliable head pressure controls.

Compressor Slide Valve

The oil solenoids which push and pull the compressor slide valve were operating correctly. The controller sends volts to the solenoids to control the position of the valve. A slide valve potentiometer sends feedback so the controller can work out the percentage position of the valve.

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