Industrial Refrigeration Ammonia Service

Industrial Refrigeration Ammonia Service Cat Ladder

Industrial Refrigeration Ammonia Service

Industrial Refrigeration Ammonia Service Visit

The industrial refrigeration ammonia service visit was in Aberystwyth. We look after 2 ammonia chillers on site. They are 10 year old chillers that have been designed to need ongoing service. Quite easy job as the faults they go into are reoccurring round in a circle. They have previously had the same problems

Shaft Seal for Industrial Refrigeration Ammonia Service

The industrial refrigeration shaft seal had started to leak so ammonia service was arranged. It was fitted by removing the shaft seal cover, splitting the coupling and sliding the shaft seal over the shaft. After removing the non condensables, we reintroduced the ammonia back into the compressor. The 'o' rings leaked

Ammonia Service of Leaking Industrial Refrigeration 'O' Rings

The ammonia service of industrial refrigeration ‘o’ rings occurs because they become flattened and plastic like. This is caused by heat around the high side of the screw compressor. When there is pressure in the system- the oil if forced against the gap- making a seal. After the ammonia refrigerant had been handled- the oil ran away- causing the leak when the ammonia was reintroduced

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Lift and Shift for Ammonia Service Visit

Before the ammonia service visit, the compressor had been removed of it’s pipework and ancillaries. The lift and shift guys arrived and set up their lifting equipment. They raised the compressor and manoeuvred it on to a trolley. They used a stair walker to get it up and down the steps. They used a winch to get the compressor, end on- down a cat ladder

Tear Down of the Ammonia Screw Compressor

It is always better to tear down this kind of compressor in a workshop- on a bench with compressed air and all the tools nearby. We unbolted the castings and slid the screw out. The various castings being laid out in a line. We replaced the ‘o’ rings for new the rebuilt the compressor

Ammonia Refrigerant Charging
Ammonia Refrigerant Charging

Ammonia Refrigerant Service Charge

Part of the ammonia refrigerant had been handled during the service visit. This left the compressor pipework, compressor and the oil separator open to atmosphere. The non condensables were evacuated. In the photo we are lifting the cylinder up a cat ladder into the plant room. From there it needed to be man handled up some steps, down some steps and out onto the roof. We charged the ammonia plant with liquid ammonia until the superheat and subcooling values were within industry known limits. The sight glass levels and condition were monitored too

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