Prior to this chilling plant controls maintenance visit, another contractor had changed some of the settings and adjustments in the controllers. They did this while they were diagnosing a fault with the water system and the pumps. Therefore, this visit was to recommission the plant and to resolve the issues resulting from the adjustments.

Chilling Plant Flow Controls Maintenance

The flow controls were found to be set wrong. Therefore, our engineer adjusted the pumps, then various valves on the water system, a little at a time, while monitoring the controller. Full load and part load readings were taken until they came to within standard industry limits.

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Compressor Run On Time

A timer had been adjusted which made the compressor wait to stop after reaching 0%. In the meantime, some more heat would build up in the water system and the compressor slide valve would open up a little. The result was that the compressor would run for an hour with the slide valve shut most of the time. The oil pump carried on pumping during this time resulting in a head of oil building up in the discharge pipe- all the way back up to the oil separator. Then, a low oil level fault had occurred. This being confirmed by the sight glass on the oil separator. The compressor had enough oil charged into it to allow a start up. During the start up, a low oil level timer counts down. As soon as the compressor loaded and started pumping, the oil level returned to the correct level on the sight glasses. The timer was adjusted along with the dead band to ensure the chiller off cycled after achieving set point.

Slide Valve Potentiometer

The slide valve potentiometer has a configuration mode button. It can be pressed to set the 4mA or 0% position. This is the usual position of the slide valve as a spring and 2 drain valves return it to the start position. The slide valve can then be manually opened in the program. Then, the potentiometer button can be pressed to set the 20mA or 100% position. “Chattering” can occur on the fully closed position so a setting is available to only close the slide valve to 2%.

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